Well, hello there.

I have wares, if you have coin.

What am I doing? All kinds of things, some of which I even control. This is one of those things. The idea, as I understand it, is like my c. 2004 Myspace, only people see this and give me money for it. Needless to say, that’s a high threshold, but I’m down.

At the moment, this conversation I’m starting is “National Insecurity” — mine, yours, ours, theirs. But it’s apt to look a lot less like my paid published writings and a lot more like tweeting without character limits, which, honestly, are you sure you’d subscribe for that?! I mean, you said you would, so let’s test it. If you like: essays; links galore; parenthood kvetches; geopolitical opinions; grandiose condemnations; guest writing; coping skills; answers to your questions; 1980s Phillies trivia; cat and kayak pics; and someone to tell you you probably aren’t nuts… well: There is water here.

What can I tell you this week? Not nearly as much as I hope to down the line. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Wednesday, Aug. 8: Military Veterans’ News Site’s Top Editor Quits, Says He Faced Pressure to Be ‘Less Liberal’ (The Wrap)

Thursday, Aug. 9: The Space Force, Like Trump, Is a Consummately American Grift (Rolling Stone)

Friday, Aug. 10: How to explain Rick Gates, the almost-sympathetic thief and philanderer (The Washington Post)

Saturday, Aug. 11: Taught the kid how to make a survival whistle out of a soda can.

Sunday, Aug. 12: Made tacos.

Monday, Aug. 13: Held two (2) vitally important phone conversations with leaders in my industry while wiping my kid’s bottom. Requested a deadline extension on something cool while trying to map out all the cool things and ignoring alerts on my banking apps. Met you fine people here.

It’s all downhill from here, right? Stay tuned for long, illuminating, fun updates that will hopefully revolve less around me and more around the work of many far more interesting and intelligent people.

Now, gimme a fiver.

(Photo credit: dasharez0ne)